MFG TMW: Anjan Contractor, BeeHex

Posted: April 2, 2018

While working for Systems and Materials Research Consultancy, Anjan Contractor, CEO and co-founder of BeeHex, invented NASA’s 3D food printer system for deep space missions. The system can "print" dishes using layers of food powders that will have a shelf life of three decades. For the first time, astronauts may enjoy space pizza while meeting the agency’s strict nutritional and sustainability requirements. 

Anjan founded BeeHex and further developed his 3D food printer system to accommodate a variety of food consistencies and developed a no-drip extrusion platform for chocolate and pizza printing. Then he hit the road to print pizza at multiple events, winning awards such as “Best New Tech” by Vice Magazine, “Best Tech in Silicon Valley” and “Best New Technology” at Taste Talks Food and Drink Awards.

He ultimately partnered with Donatos Pizza and relocated to Columbus. This is not his first time in the city, as he received his master’s degree in materials science and engineering and bachelors in mechanical engineering at The Ohio State University. 

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