OMA Board Presents Legacy Award to Ned Hill

Posted: June 27, 2016

The OMA Legacy Award is presented by the OMA board of directors to individuals who have significantly supported Ohio manufacturing.

At its meeting this week, the OMA board presented Legacy Awards to two outstanding experts who have been invaluable in supporting OMA’s energy issue

Ned Hill Ohio State

John Seryak, PE, CEO,Go Sustainable Energy, LLC, is OMA’s energy engineering consultant.  John is a leading Ohio expert in energy efficiency and energy technologies.  He often is called upon to provide expertise to OMA’s energy policy formation.  He also manages OMA’s Energy Efficiency Peer Network which supports plant engineers and maintenance staff in energy management technologies.

Dr. Edward (Ned) Hill, Professor, Public Affairs & City & Regional Planning, The Ohio State University, John Glenn College, is the state’s foremost economist and has supported OMA policy formation on multiple issues for numerous years.  He has recently provided critical expertise to developing OMA’s energy policy.