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Manufacturing Podcast Series Launches


To commemorate Manufacturing Month, the Ohio Manufacturing Institute announces the launch of “Manufacturing Tomorrow,” a biweekly podcast series that highlights the products, processes –and groundbreaking relationships – that leading manufacturers embrace as part of the innovation process.

Hosted by Marty Kress from The Ohio State University Office of Research, featured guests range from company C-suite executives and engineers to industry-facing academics, supportive government agencies and regional economic development organizations.  

The goal of this podcast is to provide a voice to manufacturers in order to educate the public on the value of manufacturing innovation to the U.S. economy. Manufacturing Tomorrow also showcases how technology resource support providers (e.g., higher education, technical centers, industry organizations and MEPs) boost advanced manufacturing solutions. Guest speakers provide answers on the best practices to reduce academic-industry barriers, bolster the manufacturing technical resource landscape and activate catalysts needed for innovative collaboration. 

OMI’s first guest is Jeff Garlock, department manager of the new Technical Development Center at Honda North America, discussing recent and longstanding practices adopted by the world’s most innovative auto manufacturer. 

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