Ken Poland

Ken Poland

Hometown: Ava, Ohio

Undergraduate Institution and Major:
B.S. in Environmental Science (Geoscience Focus); Geology Minor – Muskingum University

Graduate Institution and Major:
M.P.A. – The Ohio State University
M.S. in Environment and Natural Resources – The Ohio State University

Research Interests:
As graduate research analyst, Ken Poland’s research addresses governance in complex institutional settings. Poland focuses on environmental policies and the networks of actors that coordinate, collaborate and compete to implement them. The comparative analysis of water policy implementation processes and outcomes at state and local levels is of particular interest, and future research aims to extend local level comparisons across different national contexts (e.g. how do the networks of actors that implement federal water policies at the local level differ between the U.S. and China?). Poland’s professional experience with Total Maximum Daily Load implementation drives his specific interest in the Clean Water Act and analogous surface water regulations in other nations.

Relevant Professional Experience:

  • Teaching Assistant, Glenn College of Public Affairs, Columbus, Ohio, 2019 – Present
  • Environmental Resources Specialist, West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Charleston, West Virginia, 2013 – 2017

Professional Service Activities:
Citizen Lobbyist, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Various Locations, 2013 – 2019

Work in Progress:

  • C. Wagner, K. Poland, and X. Yan (forthcoming 2021). “Flows and Networks in Global Innovation System among Top R&D Nations”
  • K. Poland and H. Yi (forthcoming 2021). “The Limits of Homophily: A Transaction Cost Approach to Analyzing Interjurisdictional Agreement Networks ”
  • K. Poland and R. Berardo (forthcoming 2021). “Learning in the Ecology of Games”