Dean Williams testifies at Senate Committee

Posted: April 12, 2016

On April 12, Dean David Williams testified before the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources on the topic of Advanced Manufacturing. He outlined how universities play an integral role in manufacturing innovation, such as Ohio State's involvement in the Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow and its Institute for Materials Research:

Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
The advanced manufacturing and materials research occurring at U.S. research universities builds the foundation for the cutting-edge technologies needed to ensure that American companies can efficiently produce goods, while minimizing impact to the environment, natural resource use and energy consumption.  U.S. universities, including Ohio State, are global leaders in raw innovation, risk taking, IP production and talent creation.   Universities play a catalyzing role in America’s manufacturing resurgence, though we would be unable to carry out this critical work without a robust and sustainable investment from the federal government.  

Follow this link to a webcast of the panel testimony and hearing.